Software Installation for AVR32 Development

This page will improve with feedback from you! If you have suggestions of improvment or run into problems doing what it describes, please send an email. The address can be found at the bottom of the orderpage for the AVR32 module.
  • Install the AVR32 GNU Toolchain - Windows (67 MB, updated 4/08)
  • Install FLIP 3.3.1 for Windows (FLexible In-system Programmer)
  • Test the install by connecting your AVR32-board and run:
    batchisp -device at32uc3b1256 -hardware usb -operation memory signature read savebuffer hexOut.txt hex386

    We now have a working Programmer

  • Install MINGW = MSYS shell (a UNIX like shell for windows).
  • Download and extract the AVR32 UC3B Software Framework 1.3.0 from ATMEL
  • open the folder .\1.3.0-AT32UC3B\DRIVERS\GPIO\PERIPHERAL_BUS_EXAMPLE in the extracted UC3B framework
  • edit gpio_peripheral_bus_example.c, change lines to:
    #include "compiler.h"
    #include "gpio.h"
    //#include "board.h"

    //We use a LED on PA04
    #define GPIO_PIN_EXAMPLE_1 (AVR32_PIN_PA04)

    //We use a LED on PA06
    #define GPIO_PIN_EXAMPLE_2 (AVR32_PIN_PA06)

    //We have a pushbutton to GND on PA05 (and a pullup resistor to VDD)
    #define GPIO_PIN_EXAMPLE_3 (AVR32_PIN_PA05)

  • edit .\1.3.0-AT32UC3B\DRIVERS\GPIO\PERIPHERAL_BUS_EXAMPLE\AT32UC3B0256\GCC\ change the lines below:

    # Part: {none|ap7xxx|uc3xxxxx}
    PART = uc3b1256

    # Linker script file if any

  • Run MINGW, in it change directory to ./1.3.0-AT32UC3B/DRIVERS/GPIO/PERIPHERAL_BUS_EXAMPLE/AT32UC3B0256/GCC in the extracted UC3B framework.
  • run make
  • Connect PIN-25 to GND (press and hold the button on pin-25)
  • Reboot the MPU (disconnect and connect the power to it)
  • Connect PIN-25 to VDD (release the button you held)
  • run:
    batchisp -device at32uc3b1256 -hardware usb -operation erase f memory flash blankcheck loadbuffer uc3b1256-gpio_peripheral_bus_example.elf program verify start reset 0
  • With a little bit of luck one LED will blink
  • You can now start writing your own code, start by modifying the program that you just got running.

Recomended reading

  • Read Atmel's document about the AVR32 UC3 USB DFU Bootloader
  • The FLIP 3 documentation
  • The included documentation that came with the UC3 framework
  • The forum
  • AVR32 Studio Getting Started Guide, if you want to use Atmel's AVR32 Studio.

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