AVR STK200 startup

This page is about getting started as fast as possible with programming the AVR micro controller.
GNU tools are chosen since they impose no limits of program size, which some half-free alternatives does.
  1. Install WinAVR
  2. Confirm installation by running make in a command-shell (Start->Run "cmd", type make).
    If the installation of WinAVR went well you should get the message:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>make
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
  3. Unzip this test program with included Makefile
  4. If your target Micro controller is not at90s8515
    Change the "MCU name" to the name of your Micro controller in the Makefile. The different codes for the different MCU´s is in the gcc.info file that comes with WinAVR (C:\WinAVR\info), you might need to search for "at90s8515" to find the list of MCU types.
  5. If you are not using the stk200 kit
    you also need to set AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER = ...See the avrdude project for more info.
  6. If you are not using the standard printer port
    Edit AVRDUDE_PORT = ...
  7. Open test1.c with Programmers Notepad
  8. Do: Tools->Make All
    with a little luck you get Errors: none
  9. Do: Tools->Make Program
    And if your STK200 is connected, switched on and has power ;-), some of the LED's will light up as the MCU is programmed. Then after a while only one LED will be on, and which LED will be changing.
    If that dont happens, you can check that the LED's are connected to PORTB, if they are on PORTC e.g. you need to change DDRB to DDRC and PORTB to PORTC in test1.c
  10. Done! Just edit the program to do what you want ;-)
    You can of course use XEmacs for windows and issue the make command from it
    instead of using the Programmers Notepad.

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