The Core DIY Development kit for AVR32

Wonderfully primitive!

1 Make a 3.3V Power Supply
2 Make or Buy an AVR32 DIL Module
3 Make the AVR32 Main Board
4 Do the Software Installation
5 Leave Feedback to improve this Kit
6 You are Done, Your System is Ready!
Bill Of Material

  • This kit + your computer are all you need to develop and run your programs on the AVR32 (UC3B) Micro Controller. You just upload your program via USB and reset.
  • No limitations, all needed information is present
  • Step by Step guide

The new AVR32, (to the left) compared to a modern AVR 8-bit Mega644. The 32-bit processor is many times faster and has a lot more features, since it represents the next step in the MCU evolution. But it only comes in Surface Mount Packages.

Since the AVR32 only are available in surface mount packages, here is a module with only the AVR32 and the required decoupling capacitors. You can make your own with our help, and for your convenience you can also buy a finished module from us if you prefer that.

The kit is designed to be

  • Wonderfully primitive! No extra hardware to steal your focus. You can follow each trace to the MCU pin.
  • You spend your time learning the AVR32 and making hardware instead of learning a development kit.
  • Complete: Let you access every pin on the AVR32UC3B1256 surface mounted MCU.
  • Made for Students, using GNU tools. It has no limitations.
  • Stand alone: Easy to follow Step by Step Getting Started Guide to building your own Stand Alone AVR32 hardware.
  • Extendable: Easy to start with, and easy to extend to any application; (just add more IC's and boards ;-).
  • Quick in development compared to SMT + CAD + Soldering. You just connect your new parts instead of having to make a new PCB each time you want to change something.
  • SMT free, ff you skip making your own DIL module, You can develop your prototypes without the hassles of surface mounted components.
  • Gives access to the world of 32-bit MCU's for us who like to develop on breadboards, since they usually are Surface Mounted.
  • Give you total control : There will is no unnecessary components that you might not know what they do or if they affects your work, only the components that you need for the moment will be on your board. This gives you a 1-1 relation on what you have on your development system and what you will have in your finished system. This makes it easier to go from prototype to manufacturing.

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