Core DIY Development kit for AVR

Power Supply
AVR Board
Solderless Programmer
Software Setup
Bill Of Material

The kit is designed to be

  • DIY Anyone can build it, with components from any local electroniks store :-)
  • Free: Information wants to be free!
    You still might have to buy the components, but if you are a Student at Uppsala University, then you might borrow or win a kit!
  • Cheap: Designed for Students, using GNU tools.
  • Extendable: Easy to start with, easy to extend to any application, (just add more IC's and boards.
  • Simple: Require no soldering! Based on a Solderless Breadboard.
  • Usefull: It introduces you to some of the best Microcontrollers on the market today.
  • Scalable Distribution: No single supplier of components, anyone can buy them localy

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